i'm sorry to hear that

I was hoping you'd stay. . Clear all videos from this list


Is there a limit to the amount of questions I can ask? Please someone tell me if I'm demanding more than my fair share ! I would like to know how to I say. .I'm sorry to hear .

Aaaaaand I

I'm sorry: I can't hear you over how AWESOME I am - "Don't hate us, cause you ain't us!" No Mike Lords permitted Brought to you by: Jen and Brandi :: A place where you can be .

Well I had a really bad day the other night, and I found out that by writing poems, I feel better. So my cousin made me upload this. Enjoy. Song - Michael Ja.

Imperative - English Jan 11, 2008 . I'm sorry. I didn't hear you. Please. say that again, you sait it again, you say it again. 9. Here's the hotel registration form .

Could it

i'm sorry to hear that

be a sarcastic comment or could you relate it to someone dying? e.g. my sister was going through problems and I was letting a friend know how difficult it .

Specially designed for routine interdiction operations i'm sorry to hear that and large-scale invasions.

Please view large on black. This is totally a spoof off of a photo circulating the Internet of Captain Kirk. I made this for a friend of mine, Josh because we always get a kick .

Learn natural English with daily lessons based on common English phrases.

"I never know what to say when patients or family members have a complaint." Complaints are difficult to hear and even more difficult to respond to, yet responding to a .

Hi All, How to reply when somebody say sorry? for example: Sorry
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